The Made In The USA General Store Opens at the Branson Mill.

The Made In The USA General Store Opens at the Branson Mill.Mad in USA
A first of its kind store opens in Branson with a bigger purpose than shopping. (Branson, MO)
A store never seen in Branson before is now open inside the Branson Mill Craft Village. The Made In The USA General Store opened earlier this week. The Made In The USA General Store is a 5,000 square foot space filled with items completely made or created in America.
This store is a passion project for owners Brian and Kim Karn. After months of work creating a nostalgic space and filling it with items from over 500 companies the Karns believe The Made In The USA General Store serves a purpose much bigger than just selling items made here “at home.”
“It’s a simple fact that by buying products that are made in America we put people to work,” said Brian. “Its time to take back our products and demand that companies, who sell items to Americans, make their products in the USA.”
When you walk up to The Made In The USA General Store you will see a front porch that instantly transports you back to a time of simple American living. Coca-Cola themed sitting chairs are tucked under the porch’s roof that look so inviting you will not be able to resist taking a rest, even if just for a minute. As you enter the store, to the right you will find an old fashioned soda fountain. Take a seat and enjoy nostalgic favorites like malts and milkshakes or enjoy the old and new with a cold coffee drink.
“I think my favorite treat served at the soda fountain would have to be an ice cold Coca-Cola,” said Brain. “Our Coke comes to us in glass containers, not plastic like most get it today. It just tastes better, more crisp, when stored in glass. If you don’t believe me, come try it for yourself.”
As you wind through the expansive general store with products from toys, clothing, tools, housewares, gourmet foods, crafts and dozens of other products you cannot help but stop at the candy counter. Just like the “good ole’ days” shoppers will find all your sugary favorites like Sugar Daddy and Cherry Mash.
The Karns have taken their time researching the perfect items for the store and at times it seemed like 5,000 square feet was not going to be big enough to hold all the great American made products they were finding.
“There are thousands of companies who are, just like us, committed to making their products in the USA and providing good jobs for our neighbors from coast to coast,” said Brian. “One of my favorite products we sell is a line of denim jeans. What’s more American than a comfortable pair of jeans.”
A visit to The Made In The USA General Store is really not a shopping experience, but rather a nostalgic trip back to a simpler time that store owners hope does their part in bringing back through a pride in items MADE IN THE USA.

About the Branson Mill Craft Village:
The Branson Mill Craft Village, located at 3300 North Gretna Road in Branson, Missouri, is a specialty retail shopping center and working craft village combined. The heart of the Branson Mill is a working Craft Village of 40,000 square feet devoted to craftsmen demonstrating their skills in leather carving, wood carving, pottery, loom weaving, pen and ink drawings, wood turned pens made with exotic woods, custom embroidery, mosaic art, hand- made musical instruments and much more. In addition to these fine artists demonstrating their skills, there are 150 showrooms of upscale home furnishings, accessories and crafts, with many one-of-a-kind items and best of all it is open to the public at no charge. The Branson Mill Craft Village is open seven days a week.