The Art Tells a Story

Come on in and wander around. Take your time, we won’t rush you. The Branson
Mill Craft Village has a story to tell-a story deeply rooted in Ozarks
heritage and history and we want to tell you about it! Under our expansive
roof, we have over a hundred vendors and a dozen working craftsmen, each
preparing their stories, through their art, for you our visitor.

A rich history of hand-carved leather comes from the hands of Rattlesnake
Eddie, resident outlaw and master artisan. His client list is long and
storied; he has outfitted local celebrities and generations with holsters,
guitar straps, belts and other distinct creations. Juanita Herrell of King’s
Hollow Creations is a Missouri Best of Hands member and her mosaic
interpretations of the Seven Days of Creation are museum-quality. Juanita
has been in the Ozarks for decades and is deeply involved in the celebration
and preservation of the art of the craftsman.

At first glance, it might look like a simple cloth potato baker, but each
stitch is sewn by Miss Betty of Maw & Me, who is friend to all with her
grandmotherly demeanor and warm smile. She’ll tell you how that simple
potato baker makes the BEST microwaved baked potatoes you’ll ever have and,
if she really likes you, she’ll tell you the secret of how they make perfect
burritos, too! Under the roof of the potter’s shed, the hands of master
potter Leaayn smooth and shape formless clay into functional bakeware and
servingware, or it could turn out to be a birdhouse or an object d’art. Her
hands, and her experience, determine the direction the shape will take, and
with each turn of her wheel, a little more of her art is revealed.

Each trip through the Branson Mill Craft Village is a new experience, a new
discovery of what the Ozarks culture and its people are all about. We have a
story we’d love to share with you anytime!