Shopping for a Graduate?

So the day has finally come when that child you have watched grow up all these years is now graduating from school. This is truly an occasion to celebrate! When you are heading to those graduation parties this spring don’t show up empty handed. This year shop for that special, one of a kind gift at the Branson Mill Craft Village.

For those high school graduates that know where they’re heading next, you can find many gifts to customize specifically for that destination. For instance, get something as unique as the graduate from, Airbrush. Here you will be able order a customized airbrushed gift to say exactly what you want. Some ideas are; college name, college mascot, nickname, or even a design. The talented artist at the shop will be able to create a design fitting for any occasion. airbrush

Another idea is to shop for new decorations. Whether it’s to decorate the graduates new dorm room or first apartment, you will find a plethora of home décor option at the Mill. Everything from metal plate art to hand painted masterpieces they have it all!
So, whether it’s a high school or college graduation, you will find many gift options at the Mill. Stop in to any of the stores and the friendly crafters will be happy to help you find the perfect gift.