Meet and Greet Monday- Tina Richards Studio

How long have you been feather Painting?
2 Years


How did you get started?
I saw a lady painting feathers and I thought that it was absolutely beautiful and when I approached her about it her response just struck me when she said “its a paycheck”. I went home and thought if someone can make something so beautiful and it just be a paycheck I wonder what I could create if it was something I was actually passionate about.  So I started with two goose feathers I painted and it has taken off from there!


What subjects do you usually paint?
I started off just doing wildlife paintings on the feathers and that really took off.  I then branched out and started doing Native American themed paintings and they are so popular I can hardly keep up with demands.

What are the types of feathers you use?
I strictly stick with game birds, however I do have a friend who has a Macaw named “Dude” that gives me his beautiful blue feathers when he loses them. Mainly I use turkey and goose feathers. I just got in these beautiful new feathers from a palm turkey and they almost look like an owl feather with a ton of personality.


What is the best way someone can contact you?
You can always swing by the Mill and see me at my shop or you can find me on facebook at