Meet and Greet Monday- Rattlesnake Eddie

How long have you been leather working?
Over 40 years

How did you get started?
I had family and friends who had a saddle shop and it always intrigued me. Then when I started boy scouts I really dove into leather work.

What do you specialize in?
I make a lot of guitar straps, leather gun holsters, and belts. However I create so many things out of leather in my shop that it can be overwhelming naming them all.

Any unique works?
I have had the wonderful privilege of making guitar straps for many of the stars.  I just made a beautiful guitar strap for Billy Dean out of red python that he used during his Grand Ole Opry performance, I have done stuff for Roy Clark, and many of the Branson performers.

How can we contact you?
Well, first off you can swing by and see us in the shop.  We were recently just voted the number 1 place to shop in Branson on Trip Advisor or you can visit our website at