Meet and Greet Monday- Leaayn Shurley

Each Monday we bring you an artist or crafter who calls the Branson Mill Craft Village home.


How long have you been doing pottery? 13 Years

How did you get started? I have had a passion for pottery since high school and after I graduated I spent two years apprenticing under another potter to develop my passion before setting up my own shop.

What types of pottery do you create? I focus mainly on functional decorative pottery. Everything from dinnerware, candle lanterns, vases, mugs, and so much more.

What are some of your Unique Projects? I have been creating these very unique round vases and tea pots. They are are round with a hollow center and I have been making them in an assortment of colors. Very different and definitely a conversation piece. You can check them out on my Facebook page. I also teach pottery classes at the Mill for visitors and I would love to have you at my next class.

How can someone contact you? You can stop by and see me at my shop at the Branson Mill, visit me at, or email me at