Meet and Greet Monday- Amy Callaway

How long have you been a watercolorist?
30 Years

How did you get started?
I started in high school after being encouraged by my teachers. I went on into college receiving a degree in illustration with an emphasis on watercolors from Norther Illinois University.

What do you create in watercolors?
I create most any subject of art, but I prefer realistic art. I like to focus on real subjects and portraits.

What are some of your unique projects?
I am currently working on a series of eagles which I am enjoying. I’ve also been commission to do a realistic portrait of someone’s home. I have been commissioned by many to do family portraits and also portraits of family pets. I paint on gourds with acrylics and color pencils.

How can someone contact you?
You can stop by and see me at my shop at the Branson Mill, call 417.593.9640, find me on, or email me at


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