Jeff Martinique – Master Sculptor

Jeff MartiniqueNear the entrance of the Branson Mill Craft Village you will see framed sculptures of hands.  Often, we see shoppers standing, staring with their heads cocked to one side inspecting these unusual pieces of art.  These sculptures are the work of Jeff Martinique.

Jeff has been sculpting for 23 years and it all started when a customer asked if Jeff thought it was possible to make one of his drawings into 3 dimensions.  Jeff works specifically with human hands.  Each piece he creates is in limited quantities.

“My intent is to express the mystery of our human emotions strictly with hands,” said Jeff.  “I believe that historically better and more talented artists have done everything possible to draw or sculpt human heads and bodies.  The hands are those magical tools that we all use to express our moments of life.  Whether it be playing a musical instrument, performing surgery, building a piece of furniture, or simply tapping the keyboard of a laptop.  These strange human handles with fingers seem to be my natural media and our emotions are my canvass.”

Jeff sculpts an original piece out of standard modeling clay, next making a mold of it. The molds are then poured in Hydro-stone or Bronze.  Limited quantities of each design are then poured, polished, mounted on final frames, etched and numbered.   Once the predetermined quantity of any design has been completed, the mold is destroyed and new creations are born.

Jeff says he enjoys most about being an artist, “The freedom and ability to do what I can imagine.  It is the only life task I’ve encountered that totally fulfills my day.”

Jeff Martinique hopes each person who sees his art at the Branson Mill Craft Village can experience and appreciate the hopes and fears that we often want and express with our hearts but show with our hands.  These things are really amazing tools! See more of Jeff’s art at

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