Guys have a blast at the Mill

Now I get it when guys hear shopping sometimes their eyes roll and they think it is going to be a long day of sitting on a bench while they wait on their wives to to peruse the different shops for hours on end.  To make matters worse, is when they hear they are going to a Craft Village they think there cannot possibly be anything for guys to enjoy and that may be true at many craft stores but NOT at The Branson Mill Craft Village in Branson, MO. This place is packed full of shops and crafters for both men and women alike.  There is 40,000 square feet of shopping space so that means plenty of shops, booths, and vendors to give the guys something to do other than sitting on a bench.

 Rattlesnake Eddie Wood Crooked Sky Trading CompanyThe Branson Mill Craft Village has Rattlesnake Eddie from the Crooked Sky Trading Post who is actually the top ranked shopping experience in Branson Missouri based on TripAdvisor. Eddie has a wonderful store.  Eddie is a world famous leather worker and creates everything from gun holsters, belts, wallets, to guitar straps that have been used by some of the world’s biggest stars on some of the most legendary concert venues.  Even though Rattlesnake Eddie is famous for his leather work that is just a small part of everything Crooked Sky Trading Post has to offer. From their one of a kind men’s hat line, vests, coats to their assortments of coffees… this is the perfect place for every guy to swing by!

Jay and Maples Survival Camp Booth 34 & 31If you are into Army Surplus then Jay and Maples Survival Camp is the place to go! Jay and Maples have such a great assortment of everything guys love. You can check out all the Army apparel, ammo boxes, canteens and equipment.  Not only can you get great army surplus supplies, but you can get all set up with MRE’s and great military souvenirs like medals and custom storage trunks.  Jay and Maples Survival Camp at Branson Mill also has one of the best knife collections in the entire Branson area.  They any type and variations of knives to choose from that truly make wonderful gifts and add to your collections.

The Branson Mill Craft Village is also home the Made in the U.S.A. General Store.  This 5,000 square foot store in completely stocked and filled with only American products.  The Made in the U.S.A. General Store is fueled by love of this wonderful country and as you walk into the unique store you are filled with nostalgia that truly takes you back to the days when this country was pumping with production of so many wonderful U.S.A. made products.  Check out quality clothing, home items, toys that are flashbacks to our child hood, and so get lost in the wonderful rustic decor of the Made in the U.S.A. General Store.  Not only do they have great retail items, but they have a classic candy counter that is jammed pack with some of your favorite candies and an old fashioned soda bar.  Instead of sitting bench why don’t you relax in a rocking at the Made in the U.S.A. General Store covered porch while you are enjoying an old fashioned Float.

Made In The USA Store in Branson There is so much to do that the time flies for the guys at The Branson Mill Craft Village in Branson, MO!